I am going on a little different route today concerning Network Marketing

Okay folks I know we talk  exclusively about  two of the great programs on the Web, Cashcrate and FusionCash here on my blog!

Today, I want to take or make an exception.

Network Marketing has been around for well over 50 years. Amway was really the first significant one and its inception was around 1958.

If you do not know already about network marketing or MLM...well  is a way to market products through word of mouth skipping over the wholesalers and retailers.

The distributorships in MLM are regular people like you and me. And you make commission on any Associates you bring into the company as well as commissions off of other people who join under your original person and so on and so on ( a downline) ..............And it can be quite powerful !

People who original got in Amway really made some major moolah and there are people just getting in the last few years who do quite well with this network marketing opportunity.

I tried a couple in the 1990s but had no luck. One reason is that I did not have any follow thru. My 'warm list' like family, friends , and co workers exhausted themselves so I had just a minimal downline. And it disappeared after no one made any sales.

I think with the advent of the Internet , Network Marketing is a very feasible vehicle to build a substantial income with .

There are people who make 7 digits a year with Network Marketing Opportunities !

This can only be accomplished through hard work, determination, and patience. It is very unlikely you will get to the level of making 7 digits a year with a network marketing company.

But do not let that sway you, because there are some really great programs to get you off on the right track to making some pretty decent income !!

Check this one out at Network Marketing Companies

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