Why I created this Blog ??

Some of you may know this but it has been a while since I talked about.
That is, I did I get started with this Blog ?

Basically back in January 2008 I was looking to make some extra money online. I never had made any money online so I thought the idea of making money on the internet was absurd.

Anyway, I thought I would give a go at it and joined many survey sites and Gpt sites which included Fusion Cash and Cashcrate ! To my surprise I started to make a little money, particularly with Cashcrate and Fusion Cash. Not a whole lot but around $150 to $200 per month every month.

I did this for a year and decided my best route to go would be to concentrate on my two bread winners, Fusion Cash And Cashcrate.

So I have had this Site up for the last 3 and  half years. And I think I have made it a very interesting Blog with essentially all Original and unique content.

I have enjoined talking to many of you and I think many of  you have found that with Cashcrate and FusionCash you can make some good extra money.

I have talked about all the great offers and surveys that you can make money with these two programs and you can take it a step up and make more  money with their referral programs.
You can actually have a site like this to get referrals on a ongoing basis. It does take some time and work but is doable and very rewarding. And not rocket science ! ;)
Also you canuse  banners around town in parking lot, schools, community gathers and many other places to promote your Cashcrate and FusionCash business.

And thats another thing. You need to look at these two programs as businesses and treat them as such. Once you do that you will have develop a long term businesss mindset that will really skyrocket your earnings in the long run !!

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