Earn Money from Home - Cashcrate can earn you some serious money with their referral program !!

When I was younger my brother got me into a water filtration Company that was structured as an MLM program. MLM stands for Multi level marketing and although it it can be a scam in some instances, many times these programs are quite legit. In the water filtration company the MLM program was a scam. Other companies like Amway are not a scam with their MLM program.

But let me get you in on a little secret. Cashcrate one of two programs we promote on this Blog is in some ways a 'mini' MLM. And it is totally legit. Now yes you can make good money doing offers and free surveys at Cashcrate which we all encourage you to do , but the bigger picture is their referral program or what I call a legit 'mini' MLM program; making money from other people's work.

Here is how it works : Lets say I join as a member at Cashcrate which is totally free ,and I start to make money doing free offers and daily surveys. Well, say I want to get my best friend to join so he joins and is put under me. He is now my referral and anything he earns doing offers and surveys I get 20% of !! (this is to start out and will go to a higher percentage the more referrals I get)
Then lets say your best friend who is your referral goes out and gets his brother to join as his referral. Then you get 10% of his earnings on top of the 20% you are already getting from your best friend !! (The 10% will also increase as your referrals increase to a certain level)

See where we are going with this ?? ;)
Its pretty obvious to see the implications of this and the potential to generate a good size chunk of change with this 'mini' MLM (or referral system) with Cashcrate.

I personally know some members at Cashcrate who are easily making over $1,000 to $2,000 per month with referrals.

So this little program called Cashcrate has adopted a program that is similar to the behemoth known as Amway but just on a smaller level ! :)

Anyway ,what are you waiting for ?? To start building your Cashcrate referral empire Click the Banner below !! Its totally FREE to join !!