Fast Easy Money with FusionCash........Straight from the Horses Mouth !!

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I have to admit guys right now I am liking FusionCash just a little bit more than CashCrate.

The Offers seem to credit faster and more reliably. But being a member of both is really a true winning combination.

My referral progress with Cashcrate in the last 6 weeks or so has really taken a unexpected turn. I have had 8 members in my second downline and it had never seemed to move beyond this. Well, all of the sudden I look at my Stats one day and I have over 200 members. And as of today I have close to 450 members in my second downline.

Weird huh ?? Oh well, I am not complaining as it has skyrocketed my Earnings in the last two months ! :)

Anyway, FusionCash is going strong and this month I will set my Record for referral Earnings. I think one thing that makes getting referrals easier with FusionCash than Cashcrate is the fact people get a $5 sign on bonus with FC !! This is pretty enticing and gets people off to a good, positive start.

The Offers for both CC and FC are pretty similar. FC credits faster but both are reliable as far as paying people. I would always suggest to you guys that you start of completing the smaller Offers as they are easy to do and add upin Money pretty quickly. Both of these Programs are still the two best on the Internet IMHO !!

But I have to say right now I am really happy with FusionCash and if you havent already you can join for FREE by Clicking below. And get that $5 once you confirm your email !! :)
Free Money at FusionCash!

P.S. Yes, I am Discrat and those are my actual Earnings with FusionCash !! ;)

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