It's Back to School for Many of You and What Better Way to Make Fast Easy Money Than Cashcrate ??

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Okay guys, I hope it has been a GREAT Summer for everybody. I know for me it really has been Awesome as I have been making money and taking vacations and spending time with my family.

Well, for many of you it is that time of year again where you have family members who have to get back in school. I know buying new outfits to go back to school can be very expensive, particularly if you have multiple children.

In this economy it is hard to find any spare money to do anything. However, with our Award winning program called Cashcrate you definitely can manage to scrounge up some extra money !!

Let me explain : Cashcrate is an Internet program that anyone can join above the age of 12 and start earning money almost immediately. You dont have to be a genius to earn either. Basically with Cashcrate you fill out Offers and daily surveys and the Company will pay you for doing so. The Offers are for the most part free and does not take but a few minutes to complete.

You will also make considerably even more money by referring people to join Cashcrate.This great Program will pay you for every referral you bring in and starts completing these Offers and Surveys.

You can join right here and right now on our Blog. Just check out the Banner on the right hand side here and CLICK on it. You will fill out some brief info. about yourself and once you are done you can start making money with the Offers.

And go ahead and get your daughter or son to help out because they can join if they are least 13 yrs. old !! :)

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Making Money fom Home..... Even in a Recession You Can ??

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Yeah I know it is really tough for many people right now with our Economy in a slump and the Housing Market down.
There are so many jobs and so people getting laid off it is just so unfortunate. :(

But one area that there is NOT a slump is the Online Community. Particularly Internet Marketing and the Work from Home sector.

One of the best opportunities to rise out of this area is a program called Cashcrate.

For some of you who dont know already, Cashcrate is one of the Best Online Programs ever to come around for making quick, extra money. You can literally sign up and start earning money within just a few minutes.

A little history about this great program : It was formed about 3 years ago and is categorized as a GPT Site ! So what is a Gpt Site ?? It stands for 'Get Paid to ' and it is a phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples but programs like Cashcrate are legit moneymakers that anyne as young as 13 years old can join !!!

What do you do after you join Cashcrate ?? Well, you complete free offers and Cashcrate will pay you for doing so. The Offers range from $.25 all the way up to $35 !!
You can quickly build up cash flow this way and do it on a monthly basis. You will receive a check once you make your first $25 !!

Finally, the other way to make money with Cashcrate is thru their referral program.
You are hearing that correctly !! ;) Yes, Cashcrate will throw cash your way if you refer people to join their program and complete offers.
This can add up to some major dollars if you work it properly and just be patient.
Some members earn excess of $1,100 a month referring people.

So there you go.....a great example of a way that you can beat the recession blues.

Now everyone repeat after me C-A-S-H-C-R-A-T-E !! ;)

So What Exactly is Cashcrate and how can You Make Money Online from Home with it ??

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By Michael Z. Adams

What is Cashcrate?

Cashcrate is a website funded by advertisers. Big companies who want to sell their products pay Cashcrate to advertise their products. Cashcrate in turn pays its members to view these advertisements. The companies figure the more people that view their advertisements, the more their products will sell and the more money they will make.

How much money can you make?

You can make as much as you want. The more time you put into it, the more money you will make. You will start small ($25 to $50 a month), but within 6 months you can be making $2000 a month. I personally made $47 my first month using Cashcrate. I only spent a total of maybe 4 hours. Some people make over $100 a month just by doing the offers and surveys. There are also prizes for the people who make the most money for any given month. For example, in April, one person came in first place and made $105.35. That person won a $150 bonus for making so much money. If you're looking to make A LOT of money on Cashcrate, you need referrals. Some people have over 1000 referrals and they make thousands of dollars a month. Basically, a referral is someone you tell about Cashcrate. When they sign up under your link, they become your referral.

How much time does it take?

You spend however much time you want. If you dedicate 1 hour every day, I'm sure you can make over $100 a month. Referrals take a while to get. If you really strive for it, you can get enough referrals within about 6 months to make $2000 a month.

How old do you have to be?
13 or older

Is this a scam?

No! This is legit. Scams ask you for money. Cashcrate is 100% free, so you will NEVER be asked to pay ANYTHING. You can Google: "Cashcrate testimonials" to see pictures of the checks people have received from Cashcrate.

Basically, Cashcrate is a free service and you get out of it what you put into it.

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