GPT Sites Vs Paid Survey Sites - Which is the one that is Suited for You to Make Easy Money Online with ??

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By Robert Marsh

With the advent of the Internet in the last decade or so has come the realization that many shady individuals will develop moneymaking scams to bilk people out of money.

Well, there are two internet business opportunities that actually do live up to the massive hype surrounding them. They are definitely not scams and legitimately provide a credible way to make money online from home!!

They are called paid surveys and gpt site offers!!

Paid surveys are administered by Marketing research companies who represent big companies like IBM, Bank of America, and McDonald's. These big companies hire the research companies to give out surveys to people like you and me. We fill out the surveys and get paid by these Research companies.

These paid surveys ask questions like what is your favorite food, clothing, car, bank etc..etc..So basically others will pay you for information concerning your opinions towards their products and services.

Its a great way to make money online from home.

Gpt Sites are companies on the Web that you sign up with. They pay you for filling out free offers and daily surveys. Many also have referral programs where you can even make more money by referring people to join and start completing the offers. Gpt Site Offers are really a great way to make free money online !!

So you ask which one is better and which one is more suitable for you??

Lets just go down the line and make a list of the pros and cons for both.

Paid surveys:


1. Great way to make money online from home with surveys paying $1 to $150.
2. Flexibility to work this business anywhere and anytime with access to a computer.
3. Refer friends and receive a one time commission payment.
1. The Time it can take to fill out some surveys can be restricting.
2. The level of pay increases over time for surveys but will eventually top out.
3. Many times you will not qualify for surveys based on demographics like age, sex, race etc..

Gpt Site Offers:


1. Also a Great way to make free money online with offers going all the way to $30 or more.
2. Flexibility is there to work this internet business from anywhere.
3. Referral Programs at many of the Gpt Sites can be quite lucrative and long term residual income is attainable.
1. Free Offers at the Sites can run out and then you have to wait for more to fill out.
2. The BIG offers that pay a lot are trial offers where a credit card may be involved as well as cancelling of the Trial.
3. About 40% of the time for one reason or another the Offers will not be credited to your account. That is just industry standard.

So there you have it. A quick checklist of some of the strengths and weaknesses with paid surveys and gpt site offers. Both are great internet business opportunities , but its important that you go over each of these points and decide which one best suits your needs and desires.

Personally, I will make this recommendation since I do both. Someone who is looking for a steady stream of extra income with no surprises month in and month out should go with paid surveys. Whereas a person who is really a go getter and wants to not only make extra money but build a nice little business should go with Gpt Site offers. This is just based on the fact that you can make some significant income from their referral programs.

Or you could just do like me and participate in both! :)

Just make sure you pick the right companies to join! That cannot be stressed enough!!


Robert Marsh is a full time Internet Marketer whose main expertise is in the area of paid online surveys and gpt sites.

Take a second to visit him as he teaches you about Online Surveys and how to consistently make free money online with them. And let him also show you one of the Best ever Gpt Sites to make easy money online with!

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