So Who Out There Thinks That Cashcrate is a Scam ??

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Before starting this program, I thought it may be a scam. It just seemed too easy to do and earn money. I was one that was waiting for them to send me a bill or to upgrade costing me money, but they didn't. I tried it and found out that it really wasn't a scam after all. It was truly legitimate.

CashCrate is a program that you can earn money on line without spending any at all. You can spend money if you want to, but it is not necessary. You complete offers that they have on their site and you get paid money to do it. Many of these offers are asking for your email address, or your home address and answer some simple questions about what you like to shop for and other shopping related questions. There may be several pages that you have to complete in each offer to collect your money.It's all easy to do.

People who seem to think it is a scam are probably people who have used other survey sites to try to earn money with. They may be the ones that never tried this program. There are many of these sites available to join and they promise you money in your mailbox every month, then after you complete the offers they don't pay you. That means that you have wasted your time and earned them money but not yourself. Some of these sites are not reliable sites, They are scams, but CashCrate is different. You DO get paid for the offers you complete. They DO send you a check every Month. They DO pay you well for referrals that you send to their site.

There are many of us who earn money with this site monthly. We honestly answer the questions, follow the rules and earn a great commission check every month. Some users of this site only do the daily survey and earn almost $50 a month just by spending less than 10 minutes a day doing them, they do these in their spare time Earning money this sounds like it would be a scam, but it's not.

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Every month you get a check from CashCrate that comes directly to your mailbox. Scam sites don't do this. This is how you know that this isn't a scam like some other sites are.

Researching on line you will see that many of us get paid from this site monthly. Some get checks totally several hundred dollars a month all from their homes with nothing but their computer.

If you are looking for a great way to earn extra cash online without spending money you need to check out how you can Earn Money Online.

You will see that you can earn money in your spare time without spending money.

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