Why do some people think ALL Offer Sites are Scams ??

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Okay, with the advent of the Internet in the last 15 years or so there has been many hucksters who have come out of the woodwork to scam people. Many of these scamsters are in the make money online now niche and have continued to prey upon people who want to try to earn and make cash online !

Well, unfortunately many good ,legitimate companies have been grouped into the scam alert. Among these are some legitimate Offer Sites. And of course the two that come to mind are cashcrate and fusioncash !! Which incidentally we like to talk at length about here :)

Its unfair that somehow cashcrate and fusioncash have been grouped as being scams by some people. The facts about these companies speak for themselves.
Both these two moneymaking sites have been around for years and pretty much have clean records. We here at have received nothing but the best service from these two programs.

In our opinions they are two of the best programs on the Net to start making money IMMEDIATELY without the cost of one red cent.
Try matching that in the StockMarket !

So just some advice here ; Before you go making judgements based on heresay check out the facts first ;) !!!!

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