NOOOO.......Fusioncash is not the ugly stepchild to Cashcrate !!

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Okay, this whole Blog Website has been mainly focused around our award winning program known as cashcrate !! Its a fact that cashcrate is one of best ways to make extra money online there is out there. Its been proven and shown by us time and time again !
But wait you say, what about that other company ?? Thats right we also have another top notch company that is equal to cashcrate and deserves to sit in the front seat of that Bentley along with it !!
Fusioncash actually by all accounts is a little older than cashcrate. And it also has some amazing free offers and daily surveys to complete and make extra money online with. It is really truly a great home based internet business opportunity .

I think I will have to give the edge to cashcrate as far as their referral program compared to fusioncash. But fusioncash pays excellent to anyone you recruit. They pay you $1 for each member you recruit and a additional $2 when they complete their first offer. And every time this recruit cashes out at $25 you get a nice $5 bonus.

And one of the highlights of fusioncash is thatit does surpass cashcrate in its ability to credit your offers and daily surveys so quick to your account. It really is amazing how fusioncash will time and time again credit your account within an hour after completing an offer. Cashcrate usually will take a day or so for you to get credit to your account.

Bottom line is we luv fusioncash and it is worthy enough to stand right beside cashcrate !!

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