Lets be honest most of the other Moneymaking Sites cant hold a light to cashcrate and fusioncash and go out of business.....

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You know what is sad that you can go on the Internet and pay under $20 to learn how to start a business like cashcrate or fusioncash with little to no money. Its ridicolous the number of these programs that pop up every month promising unrealistic amounts of easy money online that can be made with their company.
The fact of the matter is cashcrate and fusioncash are successful because the founders are extremely smart and hardworking and have spent a large effort in forming a Plan for their Companies. People who try to start one of these businesses on a shoestring will find how hard it really is in making it successful and viable.
Many people get frustrated and close the doors after a few months. While others actually get greedy and start embezzling some of the funds and end up getting run out of town after promising fast easy money and falling short on delivery !!

Thats why it is important to stick with the best and the best only. And thats why here at we stick with two and only these two.
Both cashcrate and fusioncash are tried and proven. They have both been around for a few years now and have a firmly implanted business Plan that should be viable for many years to come.

So cheers to fast easy money and cheers to cashcrate and fusioncash !! :)

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