How to keep your Referral Earning with Cashcrate so you keep Earning fast easy money .......

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Its no secret that to really pull in the big easy money online with cashcrate and fusioncash you have to get your referrals to fill out offers and complete daily surveys. How do you go about doing that ??

At cashcrate they have a great way of doing this and its automated. Its there Message Center.

We have talked about tips and tricks and given advice on getting referrals, but what do you actually do with those referrals and how you communicate with them will determine in a BIG way how much easy money online you will make ! Okay ,so you have gotten some referrals to cashcrate so how do YOU keep them interested and active and up to date on all the site so they keep coming back? Well the answer to that question is with CashCrate’s Message Center. It really is the best way to stay in contact with your referrals whether they are active or inactive and keep them up to date on the Site and the forum there. As well as give them tips and advice helping them become more comfortable with cashcrate and all that there is to offer. If you spend a little time, say once every week, messaging your referrals and answering any questions they have or giving advice to them you will find the rewards to be very substantial !! Once you become a member at cashcrate and start getting referrals take a second to log into your account and go to the Message Center. Its right next to the 'my account' tab. And get writing some messages to your referrals. Start getting to know them and let them know you.
You will see the fast easy money roll in after a while thru referral commission !!

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