NOOOO.......Fusioncash is not the ugly stepchild to Cashcrate !!

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Okay, this whole Blog Website has been mainly focused around our award winning program known as cashcrate !! Its a fact that cashcrate is one of best ways to make extra money online there is out there. Its been proven and shown by us time and time again !
But wait you say, what about that other company ?? Thats right we also have another top notch company that is equal to cashcrate and deserves to sit in the front seat of that Bentley along with it !!
Fusioncash actually by all accounts is a little older than cashcrate. And it also has some amazing free offers and daily surveys to complete and make extra money online with. It is really truly a great home based internet business opportunity .

I think I will have to give the edge to cashcrate as far as their referral program compared to fusioncash. But fusioncash pays excellent to anyone you recruit. They pay you $1 for each member you recruit and a additional $2 when they complete their first offer. And every time this recruit cashes out at $25 you get a nice $5 bonus.

And one of the highlights of fusioncash is thatit does surpass cashcrate in its ability to credit your offers and daily surveys so quick to your account. It really is amazing how fusioncash will time and time again credit your account within an hour after completing an offer. Cashcrate usually will take a day or so for you to get credit to your account.

Bottom line is we luv fusioncash and it is worthy enough to stand right beside cashcrate !!

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Merry Christmas and Have a Safe and Happy New Year, Guys !!

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Just want to say Merry X-mas to ALL of you out there from !! We look forward to making lots and lots of easy money online with you all when the New Year comes around. I hope and actually know many of you have done real well with our two flagship companies here called cashcrate and fusioncash .
Keep up the great work guys and I know how proud you are to earn cash online with these two great programs.

I think 2009 will even big a biger and better Year for all of us. I know personally, we plan to take our cashcrate and fusioncash businesses to new levels.
My goal is to get to that magic $1,000 a month of easy money online with them.
Its definitely attainable and I encourage ALL you guys to start forming goals and just go out there and put it into action.

We will be off for vacation the rest of the year here at so we will see you in 2009.

Cheers to our Success !! :)

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General Tips and Tricks to earn cash online with cashcrate and fusioncash.........

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Its no secret that both cashcrate and fusioncash are incredible ways to earn cash online !!

Here are a few tidbits of info. that will help you earn more fast easy money with these two Programs.

A large portion f making easy money online with cashcrate is by completing offers. To do this most of the time you will be required to fill out personal info. over and over again. Like your address, birthdate, age etc..etc..
To speed the process up you can download Roboform which is free software they will automatically fill in this stuff every time needed. Its convenient and saves a lot of time. Just Google 'roboform' !!

Its also good to create several email addresses when completing offers. This makes it easier to credit for them and in the long run will make it easier to make cash online !!
When going thru the process of filling out offers and daily surveys with cashcrate and fusioncash , cookies are put on your computer hard drive for tracking purposes.So if by chance a company recognizes that its cookies are already located on your computer, it may not credit the offer to your account. So it is necessary that after every Offer you complete to Clear Cookies to ensure this doesn't happen. And you can download free software to make sure this happens. Its called CCleaner.

Also be sure to check out the forums at cashcrate and fusioncash. You will find people just like you who earn cash online from these two programs. Many of them will share their experiences and Tips on how to make more money. Like I have said earlier there are a number of people who make well over $1,000 every month with cashcrate and fusioncash.
So listen and take notes , and you just might learn something !! :)

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Lets be honest most of the other Moneymaking Sites cant hold a light to cashcrate and fusioncash and go out of business.....

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You know what is sad that you can go on the Internet and pay under $20 to learn how to start a business like cashcrate or fusioncash with little to no money. Its ridicolous the number of these programs that pop up every month promising unrealistic amounts of easy money online that can be made with their company.
The fact of the matter is cashcrate and fusioncash are successful because the founders are extremely smart and hardworking and have spent a large effort in forming a Plan for their Companies. People who try to start one of these businesses on a shoestring will find how hard it really is in making it successful and viable.
Many people get frustrated and close the doors after a few months. While others actually get greedy and start embezzling some of the funds and end up getting run out of town after promising fast easy money and falling short on delivery !!

Thats why it is important to stick with the best and the best only. And thats why here at we stick with two and only these two.
Both cashcrate and fusioncash are tried and proven. They have both been around for a few years now and have a firmly implanted business Plan that should be viable for many years to come.

So cheers to fast easy money and cheers to cashcrate and fusioncash !! :)

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Santa says HO HO HO for fusioncash and cashcrate.......

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Well, we are right in the thick of the Christmas Holidays. And of course our theme for this whole month is centered around the joy of giving and the celebration of this special time.
And what better way to experience the joy of giving by letting all your family and friends know about the great opportunities for joining these two great work at home opportunities called cashcrate and fusioncash !!

Its really a no brainer to make money online from home and earn extra cash.
Its already December now so you wont make a check in time for Christmas. But you can go ahead and start filling out free ofers and daily surveys right now and start earning money. And by the time January 20th comes around you will have a nice little check ariving in your mail.

Also, remember if you want to spread the good cheer to your family and friends and let them on the good news about cashcrate and fusioncash you will also get paid just by referring them. We constantly go over this point over and over again on this blog for one reason.........Because it is simply one of the best ways to make money online from home ever found on the internet.

So roll up your sleeves and put a little time and effort in and you will find these two companies the best work at home opportunities around :)

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How to keep your Referral Earning with Cashcrate so you keep Earning fast easy money .......

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Its no secret that to really pull in the big easy money online with cashcrate and fusioncash you have to get your referrals to fill out offers and complete daily surveys. How do you go about doing that ??

At cashcrate they have a great way of doing this and its automated. Its there Message Center.

We have talked about tips and tricks and given advice on getting referrals, but what do you actually do with those referrals and how you communicate with them will determine in a BIG way how much easy money online you will make ! Okay ,so you have gotten some referrals to cashcrate so how do YOU keep them interested and active and up to date on all the site so they keep coming back? Well the answer to that question is with CashCrate’s Message Center. It really is the best way to stay in contact with your referrals whether they are active or inactive and keep them up to date on the Site and the forum there. As well as give them tips and advice helping them become more comfortable with cashcrate and all that there is to offer. If you spend a little time, say once every week, messaging your referrals and answering any questions they have or giving advice to them you will find the rewards to be very substantial !! Once you become a member at cashcrate and start getting referrals take a second to log into your account and go to the Message Center. Its right next to the 'my account' tab. And get writing some messages to your referrals. Start getting to know them and let them know you.
You will see the fast easy money roll in after a while thru referral commission !!

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Thanksgiving has come and gone and you need some fast easy money for Christmas ??

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My Wife and I sure did with the arrival of our first baby the day before Thanksgiving. She came to the World safely and healthy and we are just so grateful for this special little person in our World now !! :)

Anyway, Christmas Ads are already running on TV non-stop now. Black Friday was so BIG it tragically caused a stampede resulting in one death up North. :(

I know with the way the economy has been going many of you are really struggling just to make ends meet. Not even including buying stuff for the Holidays.

Well now is the perfect time to really earn easy money online with cashcrate and fusioncash. They are two very solid businesses that you can join for free and be able to make money online from home almost instantaneously !!

Both cashcrate and fusioncash will pay you fast easy money by just referring others to join and complete free offers and daily surveys.

So ho ho ho and happy holidays and start financing your Christmas with these two great business opportunities !!

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