How would some of you like if you could buy Referrals at Cashcrate or Fusioncash ?

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Well, first off all everyone here needs to go check out the forums at cashcrate and fusioncash. There is some really good stuff there about making easy money online !! And anyone serious about about making fast easy money should check it out !!

That being said one of the hottest and most recent topics discussed there at the cashcrate forums is whether or not they should adopt a Policy which would allow people to buy referrals at cashcrate.
I can see that this at first may seem a way to help many people jump start their referral business with cashcrate . But I think in the long run more people will be disappointed with the results. Mainly because only a small percentage of active referrals continue to generate much Revenue. I believe over a period of time people who buy referrals will end up spending a lot more than the return they get out of it.

The trick to making a lot of money with the referral program at cashcrate and fusioncash is to bring in lots and lots of new referrals over a period of time. The best way to do this is to have a website or blog where you drive Traffic to . This is ALL free traffic generated by the Internet God called Google :)

Anyway, that's my Rant for the day. Hope this was informative !!

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