Fill out Offers and Earn extra Points to buy cool things at Cashcrate........

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Cashcrate has just added over 200 points that Members can redeem for prizes and Gifts. They have what they call a Prize Shop to go to and pick out all the options available. Is pretty simple on how it just complete the offers like usual at cashcrate and the special points get automatically credited to your account !!
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To see all these new Offer just log in to your account, click 'points offers' in the 'complete offers' section . After this just click on the 'Bonus Points Offers' option.
You can use these special points to buy some really neat things in the Prize Shop
like an ipod, gift card, and all kinds of other electronics !

I also have heard thru the grapevine that cashcrate is planning to add a lot more offers to choose from in the Prize Shop !!

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