Its less than a Week to the Election.....Put your Cashcrate Business on Hold and GO VOTE !!

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HEHEHEHEHE....Just kidding about the cashcrate part. I want you ALL to continue your business of making easy money online with cashcrate and fusioncash but please if you are of age get out and vote !!
This is one of the most important Elections of our time and your Vote is so important to the decision of this outcome.

Remember though, to keep on completing those free offers with cashcrate and fusioncash as it is a great way to make money online from home !!

To those who are still on the sidelines and have not joined cashcrate and fusioncash well I urge you to not delay any longer. The more you delay to more fast easy money it will cost you.

Both are totally FREE to join so what are you waiting for ?? :)


How to get the most Referrals and Make the Most Money with Cashcrate and Fusioncash.......

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OK, I am going to be upfront and straight shooting here. A lot of people who join cashcrate and fusioncash really enjoy the fast easy money they can make with filling out free offers and daily surveys. Its a really great way to make money online from home !!

But some may want even more than this. Some are interested in making over a $1,000 a month. Well, with the Referral program at these two great work at home opportunities it is possible. However, you will have to do a little more than just getting family and friends to join or putting out flyers.

The key is to get large amounts of people to look at your business proposition with cashcrate and fusioncash !!
The best way to do this is with a Blog or Website. And get your Site indexed by Google. Once you do this, over time your traffic will build and build up. Before you know it you will have the beginning of a huge down line of referrals earning you money.

Its a really great way to get your cashcrate and fusioncash business jumping !!

Free Money at FusionCash!

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How would some of you like if you could buy Referrals at Cashcrate or Fusioncash ?

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Well, first off all everyone here needs to go check out the forums at cashcrate and fusioncash. There is some really good stuff there about making easy money online !! And anyone serious about about making fast easy money should check it out !!

That being said one of the hottest and most recent topics discussed there at the cashcrate forums is whether or not they should adopt a Policy which would allow people to buy referrals at cashcrate.
I can see that this at first may seem a way to help many people jump start their referral business with cashcrate . But I think in the long run more people will be disappointed with the results. Mainly because only a small percentage of active referrals continue to generate much Revenue. I believe over a period of time people who buy referrals will end up spending a lot more than the return they get out of it.

The trick to making a lot of money with the referral program at cashcrate and fusioncash is to bring in lots and lots of new referrals over a period of time. The best way to do this is to have a website or blog where you drive Traffic to . This is ALL free traffic generated by the Internet God called Google :)

Anyway, that's my Rant for the day. Hope this was informative !!

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You can Work Cashcrate and Fusioncash anywhere you want.......

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Its a fact that cashcrate and fusioncash are two of the best home based business opportunities around. They give you the opportunity to earn extra money online and fast easy money !

Also another fantastic feature these two have is the fact that you can work them anywhere. Go to the Library or out to the Park or even by the neighborhood Pool. All you have to have is a Wireless Card and a Laptop. And PRESTO !! You can be making fast easy money with filling out daily surveys and free offers almost anywhere !! Its never been easier to earn money from home.

Just one more great benefit when you join these two programs.
Both cashcrate and fusioncash are totally free to join !!

Free Money at FusionCash!

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Wow, the Dow has gone down another 300 points today....Well Cascrate and Fusioncash wont be going down !!

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Well, its really looking pretty bad for our economy and the World we live in. The stock market today has plummeted again and the Housing Market seems to never make an grounds of improvement.

What do we do ?? Well, I know two programs called cashcrate and fusioncash are here to provide some good stable fast free money for those who want to put a little time in it !!

I know many , many people who are struggling right now. Some have been laid off because companies are cutting back due to profitability issues.

I know many of you probably have a friend or love one in the same position if you are not in it yourself !!!

I think you would do great service if you at least would present them with the opportunity to join cashcrate and fusioncash !! And start putting a little money in their pockets.

It seems that Internet Marketing is almost Recession Proof and these two programs are perfect for those wanting to earn extra money and earn at home .


Family Outings, Reunions, Holidays are a Great place to Introduce others to cashcrate and fusioncash...........

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Okay , so you have joined both cashcrate and fusioncash and are making some nice easy money online filling out surveys and free offers !! You want to take it to that next Level so you decide to earn extra money by participating in the referral program.

You say to yourself how do I now get people to join both cashcrate and fusioncash so as to make more money ?? Well, one of the easiest and simplest ways is to look at all the family and friends that you have. If you made a List you would be surprised how many potential people you would have as cashcrate and fusioncash leads !!

So next time you get together at a family reunion or that Christmas Party for your Office have those cashcrate and fusioncash business cards with your Member ID on them ready to hand out.

This should get your referral business a kick start with fusioncash and cashcrate.

And should provide you the ability to make money online from home to a greater degree than just filling out free offers !!

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Cashcrate vs Fusioncash- Which is the BEST ??

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Okay, this is a real tough one !! As many of you know here the original focus of this Site was aimed at cashcrate and cashcrate only !! It is and continues to be one of the best work at home opportunities ever !!
But hey we are open minded people here at !! And fusioncash is something that I have been participating for awhile and have done very well. So in the last few weeks I decided to include this great company with us at this Blog. Its a great way to earn money from home and deserves to be right up next to cashcrate .

But the question is which one is the Best ?? I tell you what , they both have great attributes. Fusioncash you do get a $5 Sign on Bonus for signing up once you confirm your email !! This gives you a nice jump start into makng fast free money !
Cashcrate really has been at the top of this industry. And for good reason. There are many people earning over $500 and even $1,000 every single month !
Their Referral System is top notch and rewards you for introducing others to cashcrate. Fusioncash also has a great referral Program and rewards can be substantial if you work it right .

So the answer is really a toss up. Our suggestions is to join both of them. They are absolutely FREE and the synergy in belonging to both is very powerful.

I will continue filling out offers and surveys with both cashcrate and fusioncash and continue with their highly respected referral programs. Fast free Money is fun and it doesn't get better than these two strong companies. :)

Cheers !!


Dont rely on Social Security for Retirement....But Cashcrate and Fusioncash could well be a Tool for LONG TERM Fast Easy Money !!

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Ok, the Social Security Act was formed by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 during the New Deal !! It was intended to help US Citizens have a financial backup Plan that would assist them as they progressed in Age.

Well, over 70 yrs. later we have ALL found that Social Security Benefits and Retirement will probably not be around in 20 years. The Country has simply exhausted all its resources and the Social Security Fund has dried up.

This means that a lot of us under 50 yrs. old will NOT have a Retirement with Social Security !!

Dont be alarmed though there are many many ways to make up for this eventual lost money.
One of the best most assured ways is to earn money from home with some really good work at home opportunities !!

And two of the BEST I can think of are cashcrate and fusioncash !! And I am really serious about this. These two work at home opportunities are going to be around for many years to come.

I would definitely say that not only can you guys out there make fast easy money with these two programs. But you can really build a long term solid online business that will pay you money for many years to come.

Go ahead and Fill out the Offers and Surveys with them. But please do NOT forget the referral programs that cashcrate and fusoncash both have.

If you start putting in the work and time now you can build a business with both these Companies, and in two years you can realistically be taking in more tan $1,500 a month for each. With just a few hours of work a month.

With todays uncertain economic conditions joining both cashcrate and fusioncash for Long Term Financial purposes is a no brainer.

Cheers !! :)


Even your 16 yr.old kid can make fast easy money with cashcrate !!

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Well times are definitely tough for households. The Economy is in a downward spiral and we do not know when it will recover. Gas is crazy right now and its a wonder why more families have not filed for Bankruptcy !!

All households can use more income and would love to have the chance to earn money from home to help the household budget out !! Especially those with teenagers who are just starting to drive.

Well, cashcrate is one of the best work at home opportunities out there and would be perfect for your teenager to do to make money online from home in his spare time.

Cashcrate is so simple and easy to start and it would make a nice little part time job for your teenager. Just think about it. He wouldn't have to drive to a job so you save on gas. And the potential for fast easy money is really a good possibility with just a little work and time.

Once again cashcrate shows why it is one of the best work at home opportunities to ever exist on the Internet.
And the teenagers out there need to take notice and look a little closer at this great way to earn money from home after school !!


Cashcrate Profile is Another Cool Benefit at this Great Work at Home Opportunity !!!

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Free Money at FusionCash!

In the last couple of months ,cashcrate has launched a new survey which they call the cashcrate profile ! After you login into the Site, cashcrate will invite you to answer some personal questions. This info. will be used by cashcrate to produce better offers that will better suit you in the future as well as create some special surveys for you in the future.
US Members will get to earn some fast easy money with this.
Cashcrate will pay you $1 for completing this simple two page survey. As always, cashcrate ask that you only fill out truthful and accurate info. when completing this survey !!This is just one of the many features and benefits that will be coming soon so stay tuned!

Both Cashcrate and fusion cash are two of the best work at home opportunities to make money online from home.

And of course its totally free to join !!


Where can you get a Rate of Return of 10,000% or more like you can at Cashcrate and Fusioncash ??

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Wow, the Stockmarket has plummetted like 7 days in a row. It sad that if you put money in it 5 months ago its gone down in value over 50% !!

You know what ?? There is no worries here at cashcrate and fusioncash !! Thats for sure !! You can literally get well over a 10,000% return in just a very short period of time. You think I am joking ??

If you start doing Offers and Suveys today and by the end of the month you cashout for $100 well thats a rate of return of around 10,000 % !!! Not too bad. Lets see if you can get that in the stockmarket or real estate ?? :)

Its plain and simple with no money down whatsoever, cashcrate and fusioncash are the perfect work at home opportunities to make money online from home !!

This just cannot be denied at all !!

It just takes a little time and just a little effort but when is comes to easy money online it doesn't get any better than these two work at home opportunities !!


McCain and Obama give public Approval of Cashcrate and Fusioncash at the Debates last night .....

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Yeah both McCain and Obama went on and on how cashcrate was one of the Best work at home opportunities ever created for the American people. They said it has injected much needed cash infusions into our Economy. And will have a significant impact in getting us back on our feet and onto the right path.

Ha, ha ,ha !! Just kidding !!! But I think both candidates would give two thumbs up for both cashcrate and fusioncash !! Its a great way to earn easy money online and earn money from home.

To all you cashcraters and fusioncash peeps out there make sure to get out next month to give your preference on who should be our next President. Get out and Vote !!

And I cant stress how important it is for each and everyone of you to do this.

In meantime, keep your nose to the grindstone with cashcrate and fushioncash. They are two of the best work at home opportunities to come along in awhile .

For those who haven't joined already I suggest you get on the ball because it is really free money in your pocket.

Join Below it totally free !!
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Get Cashcrate coupons on top of ALL the other great things with this Company.....

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In the last couple of months cashcrate has produced a new feature to the Site....its called cashcrate coupons.....and it brings a whole new angle to free pintable coupons !! These couponse cannot be matched anywhere on the Web.
And they are really simple and easy to use. Currently ,you will be able to save on some top named brands like Cheerios, Hershey’s chocolate, Dannon Yogurt, Fruit of the Loom, and much more.

To take advantage just go on over to the coupons section at cashcrate. You can print all the coupons you want. Then the next time you go and do some shopping you will be able to save some decent money with these coupons. Newe coupons will be added all the time so you must check back frequently.

Currently there is over $100 in savings right at the push of your keyboard !!

This is another great benefit for cashcrate. And you only thought cashcrate was about making easy money online and a great way to earn money from home!! There is more than one way to skin a cat ! :)

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A good way to get referrals at cashcrate and fusioncash......

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Ok both cashcrate and fusioncash have really incredible referral programs to make quick easy money online !! As you know, referral programs are where a company pays you for each authenticated new member that you recruit and signs up and fills out offers and surveys with cashcrate or fusioncash !

I cannot personally stress enough how incredible of a tool the referral program can be as far as enabling you to earn money from home on a BIG scale !!

One of the best ways to refer new peeps to cashcrate and fusioncash is to go and get some free business cards at some of the Online Printing companies !! Vista Print is one such one you can go to and you will only pay for Shipping with these Free Biz Cards. Be sure to put your cashcrate referral link on this card. And you may even put your name and also a personal Slogan. Like "make money with the best free programs on the Web "

Once you receive these Business Cards in the mail pass them out to all your friends, family, acquaintances , the pizza guy, milkman, etc..etc...

This is great exposure and will help you build your cashcrate and fusioncash business.
And ultimately it will help you make money online from home to a degree you NEVER expected !! :)



Fusioncash is the Fastest Company for Crediting Money to your Account !!

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Ok so cashcrate is really the Leader in the Gpt industry. It consistently makes the most for its members and all its referrals. But fusioncash is right up there with cashcrate. And I must say that since I have been working both , I find that fusioncash credits money to your account a little bit faster than cashcrate !

Actually compared to all the other dozens of Programs I have tried , fusioncash is so far ahead of them in crediting you money.
Its really quick easy money online !!

They also have daily surveys just like cashcrate and one of them even credits you $1 for completing it. Which you will see in your account within an hour.

Once again this rising star called fusioncash will continued to be talked about here. Along with cashcrate these two programs are the BEST if you want to make money online from home !!

And remember with fusioncash you get an immediate FREE $5 to just join.
So Click Below. It takes just only seconds !!

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Cashcrate and its BIGGEST Contest ever in its History !!

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Wow, cashcrate in the last Month has announced its biggest contest in it entire history. They are going to be giving away literally thousands of dollars in prizes to its members. And the 50 Members who earn the most "crates" will win really great prizes . The contest is from Sept. 15th to December 15t !! The Members at cashcrate will be able gain these "crates" thru a variety of options !!
1.Completing a Free Offer will Earn 1 Crate
2.Completing a Daily Survey will Earn 2 Crates
3.Referring a new active Member will earn you 5 Crates
4 And Completing a Credit Card Offer will earn you 10 crates

Members who place in the Top Ten will get first priority of the Grand Prizes.

List of grand prizes are as follows:
1.Panasonic Viera 37 Inch 1080p LCD TV,
2.16gb iPod Touch
3.Xbox 360 Console Package with 60gb Hard Drive
4.Nintendo Wii
5.8gb iPod Nano,
6.Samsung S860 8.1MP Digital Camera ,
7.Sony Portable DVD Playe,
8.Garmin NĂ¼vi 360 3.5inch Portable GPS Navigator with Bluetooth and Text to Speech ,
9.$100 Amazon Gift Card
10.$100 Best Buy Gift Card

Some pretty nice Prizes , Huh ??? Well ALL knew cashcrate was a great way to earn money from home and earn cash online , but now you can also get some really awesome free gifts in this huge contest.

Its a no brainer to join !!


Fill out Offers and Earn extra Points to buy cool things at Cashcrate........

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Cashcrate has just added over 200 points that Members can redeem for prizes and Gifts. They have what they call a Prize Shop to go to and pick out all the options available. Is pretty simple on how it just complete the offers like usual at cashcrate and the special points get automatically credited to your account !!
This really makes cashcrate one of the best home based business opportunities around

To see all these new Offer just log in to your account, click 'points offers' in the 'complete offers' section . After this just click on the 'Bonus Points Offers' option.
You can use these special points to buy some really neat things in the Prize Shop
like an ipod, gift card, and all kinds of other electronics !

I also have heard thru the grapevine that cashcrate is planning to add a lot more offers to choose from in the Prize Shop !!

Another great way to earn easy money online with one of the top two home based business opportunities around !

Its never been easier to make money online from home. Click Below to join its FREE !!

And also as always our other top Moneymaking Program is Fusioncash. Earn an immediate $5 sign on bonus just for joining Below !! Its FREE and takes 2 minutes to join !!

Free Money at FusionCash!


Hey Guys, Its October, a New Month and Clean Slate with Cashcrate and Fusioncash!!

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Wow ,its already October already !! And that means a new Fresh Month to get started with making easy money online with cashcrate and fusioncash !!

The economy and status of our Country looks a little bleak right now but cashcrate and fusioncash are here to help put some more money in your pockets and help you make money online from home !!

You can keep filling out the free offers and make real easy money online that way with both these companies !

But remember, for all you wanting a little more bang for your buck there is of course cashcrate's World renowned referral program. This program is how many of the big dogs make over a $1,000 a month ,year in and year out !!
Just to remind everyone starting out, cashcrate will pay you 20% for any friends or family and anyone else you bring to cashcrate. Once they start completing Offers and Surveys you will start to get credit for that 20% of everything they earn.
And then you will get 10% of anyone that your first friend gets. They are called second Level referrals.
Pretty nice, uh ?? :)

And don't forget fusioncash will pay you $1 for anyone joining under you. And additonally when they complete their first offer they pay you another $2 !! And finally when this person cashes out at $25 you get $5 every single time they cash out. And this is for LIFE !!

Not to shabby, uh ?? :)

Anyway, its a new month and a clean slate. So everyone needs to take the next step and join these two great companies called cashcrate and fusioncash The Money is literally there for the taking ! Click BELOW !! Its totally FREE to join

Free Money at FusionCash!