What to do with your cashcrate and fusioncash Earnings ??

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Well its getting close to the end of the month and you know what that means ?? Thats right checks will be getting processed soon from cashcrate and fusioncash mailed out. (Of course, fusioncash is our recently added program that is truly awesome and it will be the only program we include with cashcrate on this blog. PERIOD !! ) So what are some of you going to do with the easy money online you earned with cashcrate and fusioncash??

Here is a few suggestions. First of all the economy has really been terrible lately. And many people are hurting with gas prices and foreclosures etc..etc.. Why not just pick a needy family and sign your cashcrate and fusioncash check over to them.
You might shake your head like I am crazy, but I find good deeds are rewarded with good Karma in the future. Helping out disadvantaged people will also really make your heart feel real good. What goes around comes around !! :)

You could take your cashcrate check and put it in a savings account for a rainy day. Simply go to the Bank and let it sit there, safe and secure, for a day when you really need it.

Buy something nice for a family or friend. Take them to a Movie or buy them a nice piece of jewelry.

You could also donate to disaster relief funds. Like for Katrina and other natural catastrophes. These people really need it !!

Finally why dont you just take your cashcrate or fusioncash check and treat yourself with a nice gift or anything that makes you happy ! ;)

Just some fun suggestions here. Whatever you do just learn to love life and appreciate one of the best home based business opportunities with cashcrate and our newly added program fusioncash.

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