Learn to Work Together as a Team at Cashcrate....

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Okay so you are signed up with cashcrate and you are a full Member taking Offers and surveys and making easy money online.
Now you decide you want to continue building your cashcrate business so you start getting interested in the referral program and what is has to offer. You begin to refer a few friends and even have a blog to promote and get new referrals.

Once you start to receive new referrals what should you do ?? Well, cashcrate has this neat little thing called a message center on their homepage. This message center allows you to contact ALL your Downline with cashcrate at the flick of a button. Of course the powers to be at cashcrate have to approve it to go thru, but it still is a great tool to keep your CC business building and growing. Personally, I have a weekly newsletter message I send to all my Downline. In it I encourage them and remind them how great CC is and that you can really make money online from home with a little time and effort. Also, you can include tips and strategies for your Downline to use to make their business grow. Which in turns makes your own cashcrate business grow. Staying in touch with your Downilne at cashcrate and letting them know that you support them and are behind them will pay off handsomely for you in the long run.,

It cant be said enough that cashcrate is one of the best work at home opportunities out there for making easy money online !! :)

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