Is cashcrate a survey site ?

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I get this question a lot. Well, to be honest with you it is a survey site but its not. If that doesnt make sense let me explain.
Cashcrate does give people who want to make easy money online a chance to fill out daily surveys and make money that way.
Like I said earlier this is a great way to earn some quick money.

But technically cashcrate it is not a survey site. It is what we call a gpt site. And gpt stands for 'get paid to' for those who dont already know.

Gpt Sites have been around for a relatively short time!! About 5 years now. They have gotten to be more popular as people have found it a great way to make money online from home. Along with this popularity comes the fact that there are many , many gpt sites that pop up every few months and then go out of business and are never heard from again.

Its good to know that cashcrate has been around for awhile. Its establshed and is truly a great work at home internet business that is going to be around for a long long time !!

Rest assured on that.

Its Free to Click Below and join.

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