Folks dont get discouraged when Offers are Pending too long or just dont Credit with cashcrate.......

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I recently had a downline associate email telling me how frustrated he was because a few of his Offers at cashcrate were still Pending and didnt seem like they would ever get credited !!
I emailed back this person and let him know NOT to sweat it. I have found that about 25% of my Offers never credit. Maybe it was because I completed the same offer earlier or my info. was not correct or their was something in my info that did not match up with the criteria the merchant was looking for. I dont know... but for one reason or another this will happen to everybody. Its just part of the business.

The best thing to do is put your nose to the grindstone and move forward. because beleive there will be Offers that do credit. Many and many.

So its just a numbers game and PLEASE dont let this get you discouraged !!

Its normal !!

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