When starting off with cashcrate use a free email from Yahoo or Gmail.........

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Ok so your about to sign up with cashcrate and you really want start to earn cash online from home as quickly as possible. Well, one of the first things and most important things to do is open up a free email account with either Yahoo or Gmail. Please do not use your regular primary email for cashcrate. You will want to use a junk email because when you start to fill out these simple free offers they will send you info to your email.
And you dont want to clog up your primary email account with all this stuff !!

Also, open up a folder and keep a journal with important info. concerning cashcrate like your password,username etc.. remember keep it simple.

And remember you need a to sign up with an actual physical address and not a po box one. If you dont have a physical mailing address you may want to contact a friend or relative and see if they might permit you to use theirs.
Always make sure all of your personal info. when signing up for cashcrate is accurate and truthful !! Dont sign up under another name and dont sign up for multiple accounts. Only one person can sign up per household/computer with cashcrate!!

Just be open and honest and you will earn money from home with one of the best gpt sites around.

Click to join cashcrate. Its totally free

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